Feng Shui Coffin Nail

Coffin Nail for ProtectionFengshui Coffin Nail is an extremely rare coffin nail which is at least 60 years old, the rare nails have absorbed Yin and Yang energy throughout the years that will bless and bestow the owner with good luck, fortune and health!

If fengshui no good, just hang one nail above the main door and this immediately change the luck. Our Nails will help ward off bad omens, black magic and transfer good and positive energy to you.

In the studies of Fengshui and Muslim wicha, Fengshui Coffin Nail is considered as a sacred object to block unauspicious things.  When the coffin nail was buried underground, naturally it absorbed the power of the 5 elements and indeed is a great Fengshui tool.

Other than hanging the feng shui nail, it can also be worn above the waist to protect the owner and generate more “Yang” than “Ying” energy.

Their uses include making your enemies move away from you, protecting you from danger and making it impossible for anyone to place a hateful spell on you.

By placing the Fengshui Coffin Nail outside and above the main door of the house, the benefits is tremendous as follows :

Coffin Nail

  1. Prevent all obstacles
  2. Remove all bad luck
  3. Create more abundance & wealth
  4. Increase fortune
  5. Invite more auspicious people
  6. Enhance business
  7. Improve personal and family relationship
  8. Enhance lottery luck
  9. Prevent evil forces or bad energy
  10. Block & remove Black Magic