Nam Man Prai Oil

Nam Man Prai Oil

Nam Man Prai is a charm oil is believed among Thai people to be an incredibly powerful tool in the practice of black magic.

Nam Man Prai consist of a mixture of sacred herbs and bodily fluids or fat (ritually) obtained from a pregnant woman who died an unnatural death (i.e. suicide). This particular kind of spirit is believed to be very vengeful indeed, for it suffered from grief as a result of having failed in giving birth to her child.

How Nam Man Prai is made;

Nam Man Prai is obtained from using rolling a candle flame over the skin, to obtain the fluid from a corpse of a pregnant woman who died along with the baby in her womb. He who obtains Nam Man Prai from such a ceremony, must be a fearless and powerful Arjahn, for in order to obtain the oil, he must come face to face with the most horrible and frightening things. In the worst case, perhaps even be attacked psychically by the spirits of the dead mother and child.  If the Arjahn is not strong enough to withstand the psychic onslaught, he could lose his sanity, or even die in strange circumstances.

Nam Man Prai Oil Night PrayNam Man Prai has great power to do evil and has an overwhelming force which is hard to resist even if practiced in magical protective methods.

The first obstacle which presents itself when a person decides to make Nam Man Prai, is that he must find out where there is a corpse of a pregnant woman, and use the candles to extract the fluid. If the dead pregnant woman died of a fever, or natural injury, then it is not considered to be sufficiently powerful. But if the woman killed herself, or was murdered or suffered a grave and violent death through unnatural accident, then the magic of the Nam Man Prai will be considered to be extremely powerful. This is because a pregnant woman who suffers the violent death is considered to have immense power in her.

But the cases where the death was caused by Suicide, the magical power of the Nam Man Prai is believed to be the most powerful of all. This is the kind of pregnant corpse the Arjahn will look for if possible, because the spirit of the dead woman will be full of rage, which will lend power to the oil extracted. Nam Man Prai made from this kind of corpse will have an especially effective power of attraction.

Before going to the cemetery, the ritual objects and instruments to be used in the ritual are gathered and prepared. After the corpse has been buried for three days. On the third night, the Arjahn goes to the cemetery and enters quietly, in the early hours, in order not to attract attention.

Once he has entered the cemetery, the next step to take, is to ask permission from the Deity of the cemetery.  There must be some offerings for him and traditionally a triangular decorative cone made from banana leaf in a pyramid form.  In addition, the following offerings should be presented to the Deity; Three pots of boiled rice, three boiled eggs, three small fish, the head and tail of a fish, three cigarettes, and one bottle of white Thai whiskey.

One incense stick must be lit, and the mind of the Arjahn will focus and call the guardian spirit/Deity of the cemetery. Invite him to accept and consume the offerings, and ask permission to come and roast some Nam Man Prai oil from a corpse of a pregnant woman who lies there, whose name is such and such (it is important to know the name of the dead person and state the name clearly to the Deity of the cemetery).

Tell the Deity that if he agrees, the incense stick must be extinguished immediately. If the Deity does not give permission, then the incense stick should be left to burn until the end.  After asking the Deity for permission, the Arjahn will stare at the incense stick.  If the stick goes out in less time than it takes to become tense, then the Deity has given his permission to roast the corpse (means to extract the oil by rolling the candle flames along the skin of the corpse).

When this happens, the practitioner can be considered to have traversed the first obstacle. If the Arjahn is refused however, and the incense does not go out, the ritual has failed and the practitioner must stop the process immediately from any further attempt to extract Nam Ma Prai oil n this occasion.

If you tried to take the Nam Man Prai by force without permission, the Deity of the cemetery would arouse all the spirits ghosts and demons of the cemetery and command them to attack you. Even the most powerful Arjahn would have a job to do away with an army of angry dead spirits and demons. 

Once the first ordeal of gaining permission from the Deity of the cemetery has been successfully completed, the Arjahn then go to the place where the corpse of the pregnant woman is buried. The Arjahn will find three small boulders and place them in line at the head side of the corpse’s grave.

Once the Arjahn has removed the prevention spells of the undertaker, he will then take a Meed Hmor knife and stick it in the earth. He will then pry the earth up around the edges of the grave in all eight directions. This is to open the earth (Mother earth) before getting down to the business of the corpse.  Then the assistants of the Arjahn will start digging until they reach the lid of the coffin.

Once the coffin lid has been opened, the Arjahn must then budge all of the nails out, without having opened the lid of the coffin. At this point, the Arjahn will tell the other people present to move back a distance from the edge of the grave so they cannot see. This is an important time for the Arjahn to perform the Ritual, for which he must be alone to concentrate.

In addition, this is the time when the Arjahn is in extreme danger, for when he flips open the lid of the coffin, the stench of the corpse spreads around the surrounding area and is so strong as to induce fainting.  Sometimes the ghost will rise out of the coffin with a shrill scream, growing in stature to frighten the Arjahn into making a mistake and breaking the Ritual, which would result in the ghost becoming free and be able to harm the Arjahn.

The accomplished Arjahn will have immense powers of concentration to block out all thoughts except the invocations of magical spells, and he will make the incantations for as long as it takes for the ghost to become weakened and eventually surrender, sitting in front of the Arjahn in placid acceptance of defeat.

Now the Arjahn will cut the cords which bind the wrists of the corpse, and announce his intention to extract some Nam Man Prai oil.  He will then ask if the ghost will allow him to extract some oil and if agree the ghost will then tell the Arjahn which part of the corpse’s body where he can use the candle flame to extract the oil from.

The Candle used to extract the Nam Man Prai oil must be made from pure beeswax.  It is forbidden to stop the chanting of the ceremony until it is completed and the candle is ready. Whilst using the candle to extract some oil from the corpse, be it yellow slime or be it body fat, you should collect it using a glazed or ceramic/pottery bowl. In most cases, only about ten drops of oil will be extracted. This is then diluted using another mixture of sacred oil which the Arjahn will have prepared already.

The Nam Man Prai oil is then to be boiled and mixed with the coconut oil. The boiling process has its own ceremonial requirements too.

Once this is ready, the Nam Man Prai oil is put into a bottle and taken for the next empowerment ceremony to the shrine room of a temple.  The Arjahn must look where the gaze of the main Buddha image in the shrine falls, and place the bottle of Nam Man Prai oil in the spot where Buddhas eyes are looking. The Kata for empowerment of Nam Man Prai oil are chanted into the bottle.

The Ceremony is repeated in 7 different shrines in 7 different temples.  Only when all seven ceremonies have been completed, is the Nam Man Prai oil considered to be authentic and correctly empowered.  The Nam Man Prai oil can now be used.  Being in possession of Nam Man Prai oil is not something you can just carry and forget about. You must always offer food, sweet meats and incense to it daily. Not anyone can carry Nam Man Prai oil. Only those with strong mind and who have the Kata (controlling Mantra), can keep it under control.

The process of making authentic Nam Man Prai oil is a very tedious process.  So how much do you think for such authentic Nam Man Prai oil is worth?