Guman Thong

The Thai word “guman” derives from the Pāḷi word “kumāra“, which means “young boy” (whereas “kumārī” means “young girl”). The Thai word “thong” means “golden”, for the effigies were covered in gold leaf.

The origin of the making of Guman Thong effigies goes back to ancient animist traditions of Siam. According to several literary sources that have been passed on for many generations, the traditional method of making a Guman Thong effigy required the body from a baby who died whilst still in the mother’s womb. The dead baby body, then, had to be surgically removed from the mother’s dead body – a process which had to be performed in a cemetery. The ritual had to be performed at night and completed before dawn. Next, the dead body of the baby, as part of the ritual, had to be roasted in a fire until all fat and skin from the body burnt, leaving only a dry corpse. The maker of the effigy would then paint it with a kind of lacquer and cover it in gold leaf. In this way, then, the maker would adopt the stillborn baby as his own child.

In contemporary Thailand, the government prohibited the practice of making Guman Thong effigies since a long time ago, which, over time, lead to many adaptations of the tradition. The making of Guman Thong effigies no longer required the usage of dead baby bodies which had now been replaced by usage of other materials, such as clay from seven cemetery soils, special kinds of wood and metal. The spirit of a dead baby is then ritually invoked through recitation of specific formulas (mantras) which will cause the spirit of the dead baby to reside in the effigy.

Although the usage of different materials have changed the traditional method of making a Guman Thong effigy, the traditional method of worship has remained the same: the effigy should be taken care of like one’s own child, which means he should be offered food and drinks on a regular daily basis, and also he should be given rewards (through dedication/transfer of merit and material gifts like small toys, etc.) for his help and protection. Guman Thongs are known to be good helpers and protectors of his worshipper and his house, as well as taking care of his worshipper’s financial wealth.


A good way for worshipping of Guman Thong:

  1. Please leave some toy, cloth, candy, milk for Guman. Always treat Guman like treating your own child.
  2. Do not keep this Guman near another amulet or over Buddha image (please keep all gumans together if you have many)


Guman Thong : The Magic Golden Boy

Guman Thong is a Thai amulet or created in the form of a lovely child, but it’s really a ghost. However, this ghost child takes Buddha perception??. It was first created in the early of Ayuthaya era or some 500 years ago during Kjun Paen’s life period.

It can be said that Khun Paen was the first who created Guman Thong. He bought the dead babay from the womb of dead Bua Klee, one of his minor wife, to the Bosth’s outer area within Pathasima marking boundary pillars for ritual processes. Bosth is the major chanting hall where the main Buhhd image of the temple is places. Bosth and its outer area are so sacred place that no mightly ghosts or spirits can enter to make any harassment. By the legendary descriptions, Khun Paen was chanting some important Mantras to activate the spirit of Guman Thong while baking the dead babay on the fire.

It is Thai belief that a mother who died with her baby in the womb may become a very mighty ferocious ghost. By Thai tradition, any pregnant lady who died in that manner will not be cremated immediately in all cases, believing that it will make the spirit of the dead unhappy and may activiate her to become the vicious ghost.

Creating Guman Thong in the ancient time was very thrilling. The master had to go to the graveyard along in the night, dig up the corpse, cut the corpse’s abdomen bringing the dead baby out, and then rush directly to the nearest Bosth’s outer area for baking process. That is the safe place to protect the ghost mother from trying to bring her baby back. So only the strong-minded person who processes the advanced magical knowledge’s to fight the ghost could do this.

Even the root of Guman Thong is actually a dead infant. But it is traditionally created in the form of a young child with various materials, such as wood, bronze, ivory tusk, plaster, etc. The main purpose of creating Guman Thong in the ancient time is for protecting the owner. The young child ghost could be activated with Mantra to fight the owner’s enemies or to protect the owner’s treasures.

Creating present-era Guman Thongs, the guru monks use no more such thrilling method but create them with sacred materials and activate their lives by holy Mantras. Almost all the present-era Guman Thongs have been created for wealth and fortune-fetching purposes.


The Power of Guman Thong

Many clergy guru and master have always praised the power of Guman Thong because he always brings his owner prosperity, luck and love. Anyone who possesses Guman Thong and takes good care of him and worships him will be like an explorer finding invaluable treasure. Guman Thong will stay with owner long time and needs deliberate practises. But if you can do it completely as recommended, he will be a good great fortune bringer. They will give him luck until he gets richer and richer, and eventually becomes a millionaire!

Guman Thong is your best assistant and he will repay you by these returns :

  1. Increasing your advantage in trade
  2. Watching over your property
  3. Watching over your house
  4. Giving you lottery luck
  5. Telling you the future

Guman Thong can help to bring customer into your shop. He will grab their hands and lead them there (customers would feel like walking into the shop or this shop is attractive). He will also inspire the customers’ minds or whisper to their ears (they actually hear nothing but would feel like doing some shopping).

Guman Thong can watch over your house and your property when you are away by using his power and making other people think there was someone, some dogs or black shadow in your house. Yet, some Guman Thong cannot have this kind of magic, because most of it deoends on the owner’s fate.


How To Worship Guman Thong

Anyone who wants to worship the Guman Thong should be acknowledged with some of these important practises :

1. No need to light incense but important to put them in best position. Best position of Guman Thong is your house or office should turn the face in the east or north and have to lower than the Buddha image’s in anyone’s house. Do not let him face the west, put him at the end of your bed, or under the stair.

2. Then create particular name to him and invite your Guman Thong to your home by Call invite by his Guman Thong name 3 rounds, such as “Please come to stay with me”, after that everyday keep praying and telling him what you desire for and he could give you what you want.

3. Food is very important in bringing up Guman Thong, so food offering must be presented at least once a day. Like the way to nourish babies, it is necessary to worship Guman Thong with fruits, sweet drinks, candies, toys, rose which are his favourite.

4. Toy offering must also be oresented occasionally because Guman Thong is a young child (spirit) and he likes to play with toys as if a human child.

5. The worshipper should love Guman Thong as his/her son. For the 1st personal pronoun you call yourself “father” or “mother”; for the 2nd personal pronoun you call him “my son”; for the 3rd personal pronoun you call him by a given name from you as the parent.

6. Should not put Guman Thong in same room or near the bed of small child/children at night. Some people make a shelf for him and decorate it just like a new small baby room with little bed and pillow.

7. Guman Thong like his owner to talk to him, and you should talk to him sweetly as if he was your child.




Guman Thong


Guman Thong


Guman Thong King (by LP Tae)