Feng Shui Coffin Nail

Feng shui Coffin Nail is an extremely rare coffin nail which is at least 60 years old, the rare nails have absorbed Yin and Yang energy throughout the years that will bless and bestow the owner with good luck, fortune and health!


Nam Man Prai Oil

Nam Man Prai is a charm oil is believed among Thai people to be an incredibly powerful tool in the practice of black magic.

Nam Man Prai consist of a mixture of sacred herbs and bodily fluids or fat (ritually) obtained from a pregnant woman who died an unnatural death (i.e. suicide). This particular kind of spirit is believed to be very vengeful indeed, for it suffered from grief as a result of having failed in giving birth to her child.

Guman Thong

The Thai word “guman” derives from the Pāḷi word “kumāra“, which means “young boy” (whereas “kumārī” means “young girl”). The Thai word “thong” means “golden”, for the effigies were covered in gold leaf.